First, Lets choose and option...

Lash Options


Silk Lash Extensions are a favorite amongst most of our clients. These lashes are soft, like mink, and hold a curl, like faux mink. This lash is very versatile and one of the easiest to maintain. Depending on the length and base size you choose, Silk lashes can provide a day-to-day, subtle, natural look or red carpet ready, all out glam!


Siberian Mink Lash Extensions are the softest, most natural, light-weight lashes on the market. These lashes create a full, yet natural and wispy look. Depending on the length and shape you choose a dramatic look can be achieved when applied correctly. 

faux Mink Lash Extensions

Faux Mink Lash Extensions are perfect for anyone who is new to lashes. Theses lashes are made up of a synthetic blend of polyester fibers. They hold a curl extremely well. These lashes can be used to create a natural look when applied correctly, despite the stiffer, less flexible feel. Faux Mink Lashes are very easy to manage and maintain. These lashes come in both a natural and bold option. 


Now, it's time to apply the GLAM...

Applying The Lashes

After choosing your lash length, curl type, shape, and thickness we will be ready to get started! You will be in a lying position during the next steps of the process. 

First, collagen gel pads will be applied to your lower lashes. These things are awesome! Not only do they protect your lashes, but they also tighten and moisturize your skin by infusing collagen, vitamin E, and aloe. These are used to keep your bottom lashes from getting in the way during the application process.

Next, we will thoroughly cleanse and prime your lashes with a combination of gentle, oil-free cleansers. 

At this point we are ready to apply your look. We will apply the lashes you choose with a medical grade bonding adhesive, one-by-one, to each individual lash. 

And voilà!